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New Suitors; Please present yourself include your name, age, profession, preferred date, time, and duration. Equally you have the possibility to fill out my booking form


 I have put together a private playbook that mentions all the fun we can have. You can reach out to me at any moment to obtain the passcode. I will gladly extend it to you. For a timely response and easy booking process please explore my site and agenda. be tactful, discreet and amiable. Speak professionally and refrain from making inquiries on extended information. 



I do require a standard screening process to ensure that we both feel secure and well-liked. I welcome any form of verification that would make you feel comfortable. I simply must know who am I meeting with. Moreover, I personally believe in diversity. I do not discriminate based on ethnicity, nationality, size or ability. here a list of  most used screening methods:


  • LinkedIn url

  • References from independent companions

  • Work Information

  • Hotel name verification

  • ID 

Your privacy and comfort are of paramount importance to me. All data collected is permanently deleted when it is no longer needed for the stated purpose.



I kindly ask for a deposit of 10 %  it will be expected from

  • New suitors for all 1.5 hr inquiries and onward

  • If you have a history of cancellations. 

I often decline engagements, undergo expenses in order to meet. In case of cancellation, the amount is non-refundable & considered as a cancellation fee. However,  I understand that life happens; Therefore, in fact of an urgent matter, the amount could be redeemed for rescheduling.

You can pay a deposit with the following options : 


Gift-cards from my GIFTS section.

Paypal Payments.



Succeeding reception of your deposit along with your screening information, our date will be confirmed. You will be sitting back and looking forward for us to meet.


À bientôt mon chéri xo